What is genital itching?

Genital tingling after sex can some of the time be because of dry skin or an absence of oil around the genital territory. In situations where tingling continues, this indication could be an indication of a contamination, unfavorably susceptible response, or explicitly transmitted disease (STI) - Viagra kopen in Nederland.

Causes in guys and females

A few reasons for genital tingling after sex are the equivalent, paying little mind to natural sex. A portion of the indications, be that as it may, can vary. Underneath, we talk about sensitivities and contaminations that can influence the two guys and females.

Latex hypersensitivity

A latex hypersensitivity implies that the resistant framework responds emphatically to any item containing latex. Latex condoms or ointments that contain latex can cause awkward indications in individuals with a latex sensitivity. These manifestations can incorporate tingling, redness, and growing around the genital region after sexual action.

Individuals can take a stab at utilizing latex free condoms and greases to see whether this calms their side effects.

Contact dermatitis

At the point when latex triggers contact dermatitis, the response may not happen until 12–36 hours after contact with the skin. Manifestations can include:

  • tingling
  • redness and disturbance
  • skin showing up layered

Prompt unfavorably susceptible response

This sort of response occurs in individuals who have gotten touchy to latex through past presentation to it. Coming into contact with latex again triggers a reaction from the insusceptible framework, and individuals may understanding:

  • a runny nose
  • wheezing
  • hacking
  • wheezing
  • watery eyes
  • irritated eyes and throat


Now and again, latex can cause hypersensitivity, which is an extremely serious unfavorably susceptible response. On the off chance that an individual notification any indications of hypersensitivity, they should look for quick medicinal consideration or call 911 or the neighborhood crisis number.


STIs regularly don't deliver any manifestations, however they can some of the time cause vaginal or penile tingling. This tingling and whatever other side effects, which rely upon the kind of STI, may take a few days to show up.

Causes in females

As we talked about above, tingling around the vulva or vagina after sex can be because of unfavorably susceptible responses or STIs. Vaginal dryness, a vaginal disease, or sperm sensitivity can likewise make genital tingling explicit females. We take a gander at these causes in more detail underneath.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness can cause irritation and agony in or around the vagina during or after sex. Individuals may likewise have:

  • irritation around the private parts
  • an increasingly visit need to pee
  • rehashed urinary tract contaminations (UTIs)

Utilizing scented items in the vagina or douching can likewise cause vaginal dryness. Some of the time, vaginal dryness might be an indication of a fundamental wellbeing condition, for example, diabetes or Sjogren's disorder.

Vaginal diseases

Sex can some of the time cause an irregularity in the pH parity and microscopic organisms in the vagina. This lopsidedness can cause a yeast or bacterial contamination.

A yeast contamination happens when there is an excess of an organism called Candida. Individuals may likewise allude to it as vaginal thrush, vulvovaginal push, or candidiasis.

Alongside tingling, a vaginal yeast contamination can cause:

  • agonizing pee
  • redness and growing of the vagina and the zone around the vulva
  • a consuming sensation
  • agonizing sex, likewise called dyspareunia
  • thick, white, scentless release that resembles curds
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